Several pre-build themes available withing the django-material package. To enable a theme just put the desired theme application into the INSTALLED_APPS setting before the material app.

Theme applications contains CSS and images for the material frontend.


After theme change, press Ctrl-F5 to reload the page and refresh browser cache.

For the production deployment, consider to set:


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List of build-in themes

red pink purple deeppurple indigo blue lightblue cyan teal green lightgreen lime yellow amber orange deeporange brown bluegrey

Custom theme generator

PRO Only

To create a custom theme you can use ./ createtheme command.

To run it, yarn tool need to be installed. See for details.


$ python createtheme --primary-color=1b5e20  --secondary-color=01579b

By default the generated files would be placed in the first directory from STATICFILES_DIRS setting. You can specify custom output location with –dest option.