View mixins

class viewflow.flow.views.mixins.FlowViewPermissionMixin

Mixin for flow views, check the view permission.

class viewflow.flow.views.mixins.FlowManagePermissionMixin

Mixin for flow flow views, check flow manage permission.

class viewflow.flow.views.mixins.FlowTaskManagePermissionMixin

Mixin for flow task views, check flow manage permission.

class viewflow.flow.views.mixins.MessageUserMixin

Notify a user using django messaging system.

error(message, fail_silently=True, **kwargs)

Notification about an error.

report(message, level=20, fail_silently=True, **kwargs)

Send a notification with link to the current process or task.


A message_template prepared by python .format() function. In addition to kwargs, the {process} and {task} parametes passed.

Example:'Task {task} from {process} has been completed.')
success(message, fail_silently=True, **kwargs)

Notification about successful operation.

class viewflow.flow.views.mixins.FlowListMixin(*args, **kwargs)

Mixin for list view contains multiple flows.

property flows

List of flow classes.